STM32L4+ & TouchGFX webinar gives you pointers on how you achieve unbeatable UI performance and high-end graphics on STM32L4+.

At this webinar, Jørgen and Martin give you valuable pointers on how you integrate TouchGFX with your hardware. Examples on STM32F769 discovery kit and ST Cube drivers.

This TouchGFX webinar takes you through the fundamentals of embedded GUI design. Henrik Goul is a skilled UX Designer with experience in different embedded GUI projects. At this webinar, he shares some tips and tricks from his daily work.

At this STM32 & TouchGFX Webinar, we team up with EDT and address different aspects that lead you to choosing the right embedded display and touch solution for your project.

This webinar covers the basics of TouchGFX and demonstrates the workings of TouchGFX on STM32F769.