TouchGFX is a unique framework that enables you to create innovative embedded GUIs with high-end graphics and smooth animations on microcontrollers. This video shows how TouchGFX Designer’s drag and drop approach makes developers and designers able to create prototypes fast and easy.

Here’s how you create Interactions in TouchGFX Designer. This video also includes a full list of triggers & actions.

An overview of how to use images in the TouchGFX Designer.

This video will help you with creating your very first TouchGFX application using TouchGFX Designer

Moving your TouchGFX application from prototype closer to real life application. Understand the structure of applications and how to add custom widgets, communicate with the outside world

One powerful and probably the easiest way of creating your own widgets is by creating your own custom containers. A custom container is an object that contains other existing widgets and combines the visual appearance and behaviours of these widgets.