This TouchGFX demo
on STM32H750 says it all!

The combination of TouchGFX and STM32 works its magic in this newly released demo for STM32H750!

Demo STM32H750 1

With a wide selection of widgets added to TouchGFX Designer, it is now easier than ever to add graphics to your STM32H750 application.

STM32H750 comes with a JPEG hardware accelerator which ensures fast encoding and decoding of jpegs. As a result, you get great performance for video playback without compromising quality.

Get our new demo in full source in TouchGFX Designer and go explore different home appliances and how they can be connected as a Smart Home in an IoT setup with other STM32 microcontrollers.

The demo also comes preloaded on the STM32H750-DISCOVERY kit.

See for Yourself

In this demo video, you’ll discover how TouchGFX unlocks easy creation of cutting-edge applications on STM32H750.

Here’s How We Did

This video shows the entire development process of the TouchGFX demo on STM32H750. Watch  how TouchGFX Designer helps ease your move from concept over design and development to end-product:

TouchGFX Demo On STM32H750

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