TouchGFX 4.10

Adding User-Friendly Features to Your Favorite GUI Tool


TouchGFX 4.10 is now part of our STM32 GUI offer. It boosts user experience by adding awesome new features to TouchGFX Core and the Designer. With new functionalities in version 4.10 you can create impressive smartphone-like products on STM32 microcontrollers even faster than before. Consequently, you bring intuitive UIs to market that matches your users demands. Here’s what’s new:

12 New Widgets

To increase functionality in the Designer and, most importantly, make your development more effortless, we add 12 new and useful widgets. With a wide selection of widgets, we enable non-programmers to deliver fully functional prototypes to the programmers. As a result, developers get an optimized and more efficient development process.
  • Flex Button: Create buttons in no time with just the functionality and styling you want. Color, shape and insertion of pictures. Everything is possible with a few clicks!
  • Swipe Container: The Designer also includes a swipe container. Create multiple pages and navigate between them with swipes. This widget makes it easy to create user-centric applications with the navigation and functionality known from smart devices.
  • Scroll Wheel: The Scroll Wheel is a performance optimized widget. It makes it easy to add a scrollable menu with one or more items to your application. Also, because the Scroll Wheel is dynamically updated when you scroll, your scroll wheel only needs the elements shown on screen. As a result, you reduce RAM usage as much as possible.
  • ImageProgress
  • BoxProgress
  • TextProgress
  • LineProgress
  • CircleProgress
  • Line
  • Circle
  • BoxWithBorder
  • ScrollList
TouchGFX Designer includes small application projects the show how the widgets can be used. Find them under UI Templates/ Examples.

Canvas Buffer

Access your canvas buffer directly in the Designer and shorten your development time. When you draw your canvas widgets, you no longer need to set your buffer size in your user code. Let the Designer handle this task or do it yourself in the Designer.

Get TouchGFX for Development Today

Start creating cutting-edge graphical user interfaces on STM32 microcontrollers today by downloading the latest 4.10 version here.
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