Exploit Every Bit of Power <br/> in STM32L4+ with TouchGFX

Exploit Every Bit of Power
in STM32L4+ with TouchGFX

The STM32L4 technology has been enriched with the L4+ series. STM32L4+ offers performance up to 120 MHz, richer graphics and more memory with no need for compromizing its ultra-low power capabilities.

4 Graphic Features of the STM32L4+

The new series embeds advanced graphic features, which is perfect when you want to create state‐of‐the‐art graphic user interfaces with TouchGFX.

Chrom‐ART Accelerator™

ST’s proprietary 2D hardware graphic accelerator efficiently handles repetitive graphic operations. As a result, the main CPU has increased capabilities for real time processing or even more advanced graphic operations.


With a focus on smart watches and other wearables, the Chrom‐ART Accelerator couples with a new Chrom-GRC engine. As a result, memory is optimized by 20%, as it automatically discards pixels not showing on screen, e.g. the corners from a rectangular picture are discarded when using a round display like L4+.

Pin-to-Pin Compatibility

To simplify migration and give you all the flexibility you need, the STM32L4+ is pin‐to‐pin compatible with the STM32L4 series. This means access to the entire STM32 ecosystem. Furthermore, it is easy to switch from one device to another with STM32CubeMX and STM32L4Cube.


The MIPI DSI controller in the STM32L4+ uses two lanes of up to 500 Mbit/s each. As a result, the host MCU manages higher resolution displays on less power and with fewer pins.

STM32L4+ is at the top of chips for battery driven devices, as it gives you greater performance, more graphical opportunities, and more integration.


TouchGFX and STM32:

Groundbreaking UI Development for Battery Driven Devices

The TouchGFX technology is a perfect match with STM32L4+, as it takes full advantage of all graphical capabilities. As a result, developers get a complete tool for easy creation of cutting-edge embedded GUIs with high-quality graphics, smooth animations and outstanding performance.

With TouchGFX, it is possible to do all graphical assets at compile time. At the same time, advanced run time analysis minimizes the number of drawn pixels. This reduces computing and power consumption at run time without compromising the quality of dynamic animations.

The TouchGFX philosophy makes TouchGFX the best performing UI framework on battery driven devices. It is an obvious choice for development on STM32 hardware.

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