<p>Enriching the STM32 Ecosystem<br/>with TouchGFX</p>

Enriching the STM32 Ecosystem
with TouchGFX

STMicroelectronics‘ acquisition of our company last month is a giant step for us all towards winning over the global embedded UI market.

Our mutual key focus is on developing and enhancing cutting-edge semiconductor solutions for the embedded industry. We firmly believe becoming one united team will benefit clients from both our companies, as we will offer complete and unique solutions that move with the rapidly changing technologies.

The STM32 ecosystem will be enriched with a full integration of TouchGFX. The software framework and its ability to enable state-of-the-art graphics and fast performance makes way for a perfect solution that fully exploit all graphical features of the STM32 hardware. With this integration, STM32 developers will have a major competitive advantage!

– Daniel Colonna, Microcontroller Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics.

Being one united team will allow our highly skilled team to truly unfold TouchGFX’ potential and ST will be able to raise the bar for their 32-bit microcontroller solutions with a cutting-edge graphics tool for embedded development.

– Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, CEO of Mjølner Informatics, holding of its former sister company Draupner Graphics.

Our client support and service agreements will remain unchanged and continue to be maintained by the TouchGFX team. We will still reside in Aarhus, Denmark.

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