TouchGFX and Amazon FreeRTOS

A Great Fit for IoT-Enabled Embedded Displays

With Amazon‘s acquisition of the popular free open source operating system, FreeRTOS, Amazon now has its own version, called Amazon FreeRTOS. This version includes a library that closes the gap between Amazon Web Service (AWS) and FreeRTOS. It is therefore easier than ever before to create secure and stabile IoT solutions on microcontrollers.

Amazon FreeRTOS is a perfect fit with TouchGFX, as it simplifies and speeds up the creation and security of low-power IoT devices and cloud solutions.

TouchGFX and Amazon FreeRTOS a Great Match

TouchGFX with Amazon FreeRTOS creates the opportunity for creating low-power HMI (human machine interface) solutions via an IoT setup. Furthermore, the setup has no need for running expensive Linux based application processors with high power consumption. With a TouchGFX driven HMI, users get a low-cost IoT solution with stunning graphics, which effortlessly interacts and retrieves relevant information from other IoT devices.

Say you want to create an automated irrigation system. The system monitors plants and their surroundings to measure the need to water. To do this, different types of sensors, such as humidity sensor and rain sensors are deployed around the plants to collect data on whenever the plants need watering. When you combine the collected data with a weather forecast and information about the specific plant, AWS can perform calculations on whenever it is time to water.

The TouchGFX framework is used to create a high-end embedded display for the irrigation system. The display presents data collected from the sensors.

Th use of AWS enables both the retrieval of real-time data from the sensors and storing of the data as well as a detailed history of retrieved data.

Moving from PCs to Small IoT Devices

Aside from using AWS weather forecast for calculating the need for watering, an embedded touchscreen also displays the weather forecast. Here’s why this is a great advantage:

The interest for embedded touchscreens in IoT devices such as this one is increasing rapidly. Connectivity has changed the way we handle our daily business in private and at work. In fact, according to IoT World News, Cisco estimates that over 50 billion devices are connected by 2020. As a result, users move further away from large PCs to smaller touch devices.

This direction makes low-cost application specific computing hardware a brilliant and user-friendly solution, because it offers instant access to all connected devices, intuitive and user-friendly navigation and an easy management of data.

Aside from enabling a fast-performing TouchGFX driven device that integrates seamlssly in an IoT setup, Amazon FreeRTOS also makes it possible for the device to connect with a wide range of AWS provided products, e.g. cloud computing, data storage, machine learning and datasets both owned by AWS and externally.

Utilizing Amazon FreeRTOS and TouchGFX on STM32 Hardware

STMicroelectronics‘ STM32 has a wide range of low-power hardware platforms. These are perfect for developing small IoT devices with displays.
In close collaboration with Amazon, ST’s cube integration makes it possible to run Amazon FreeRTOS. You also have the option to use the AWS libraries from Amazon FreeRTOS with earlier FreeRTOS versions. Together with TouchGFX, companies can now create innovative embedded IoT displays with fantastic graphics and high performance. Our STM32L4 Series, STM32F4 Series and STM32F7 Series are supported. Read more here.

Want to Learn More?

Stay tuned for our upcoming article about how you create stunning embedded display IoT applications with max performance using Amazon FreeRTOS and TouchGFX on STM32 hardware.

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