Taiji Software

Taiji 2Shanghai Taiji Software Ltd. is an authorized TouchGFX implementer and the first company to invest in implementing TouchGFX applications in China.

The company has already introduced TouchGFX to many customers and created successful TouchGFX based designs.

Taiji Software has skilled developers and programmers who have previously worked for groundbreaking companies, such as ASUS, Honeywell, ZTE, Huawei, and the like.

One of the cornerstones for Taiji is possessing a thorough understanding of their customers’ internal processess and product development cultures in order to tailor a solution that fully matches the customers’ needs.

Our partnership with Shanghai Taiji Software and their extensive knowledge about TouchGFX, has made them a close sparring partner for our teams.

As an authorized TouchGFX Implementer, Taiji Software offers efficient and innovative GUI designs to customers in China. Their flexible and agile team strive to provide their clients with amazing designs that meet customer expectations within the given timeline.


Contact: Shuai Yin
Email: touchgfx@qq.com
Phone: +86 17132194241