SDatawaySdataway is a Swiss company providing full systems development including tailor made hardware, firmware, and software. They have the capability through partnership to industrialize and manufacture electronic products.

The company is currently innovation and engineering company behind many international household brands. They also work with many start-ups and small companies for whom they help realizing ideas and give access to cutting edge technologies.

Sdataway started using the TouchGFX library very successfully in 2016, where it was first used for prototyping. Since then, they led TouchGFX usage with EPD screens (Electronic Paper Display).

In 2018, we made them an authorized TouchGFX implementer.

Sdataway demonstrated deep knowledge and expertise on TouchGFX through high-level GUI development projects and TouchGFX adaptation to manage EPD (E-ink) screens.

Sdataway is a reliable partner that helps expand the usage of our software development kit.


Contact: Samer Abdo
Phone: +41 21 98 48 47 00
Company Website