PSIControlTouchGFX Implementer, PsiControl, is specialized in the production and development of custom made electronic systems, controllers and products. They have a special focus on Integration, HMI, Touch and (wireless) connected devices for industrial and residential markets.

Products and solutions are developed on a project basis in close cooperation with the customer. Relying on PsiControl’s technology platforms and strong integration with industrialization and production, the goal of PsiControl is to produce qualitative, reliable products, establishing a long term partnership relation with its customers.

Being part of the worldwide industrial Picanol Group (Euronext: PIC), PsiControl is based in Belgium and combines local R&D and small scale, flexible production with a cost-effective volume production plant in Romania.


Steverlyncklaan 15
8900 Ieper, Belgium

Phone: +32 57 409 696
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