Embedded Partners

Embedded Partners

Embedded Partners are highly experienced developers, who offer professional software development services for real time embedded systems.

Aside from their heavy experience with software development, the company also brings a wide system and business view as well as deep marketing knowledge.

As a TouchGFX Implementer, Embedded Partners offers a fast and secure path to fulfilling GUI and user experience needs.

TouchGFX graphics library enable us to provide state of the art solutions for our customers. With TouchGFX we can implement any requirement of the product UX within the performance, power consumption and storage limitations of the embedded products we develop. The library also enables us to provide solutions in short time and lower costs to our customers. The TouchGFX Designer enable us to provide the customers and UX designers almost an instant feedback in the form of screen looks and working simulators.

– Yossi Cohen Shahar, Managing Partner at Embedded Partners

By merging high competence levels within embedded software development with an extensive knowledge about TouchGFX, Embedded Partners offers modern and innovative GUI solutions and services.

The development process includes a tailored glue layer. As a result, you get a flexible and highly integrated GUI.


118 Levi Eshkol Street
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Contact: Eyal Goltzman
Email: Eyal@EmbeddedPartners.co.il
Phone: +972-54-487-5625
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Contact: Yossi Cohen Shahar
Email: Yossi@EmbeddedPartners.co.il
Phone: +972-54-487-5914
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