Ektos 1EKTOS is a Danish and Ukranian company that specializes in hardware and software design solutions. The company has deep in-house experience with technical and managerial aspects of electronics design and testing.

With a customer-centric approach to product development, they offer complete electronics hardware and software design solutions ready for market. They also offer specified services regarding the individual stages of the process.

With a deep knowledge and experience with TouchGFX through high-level GUI development projects, they deliver great solutions with high-end graphics and fast performance.

EKTOS is an important partner that contributes to a faster service and a more secure process. This benefits our clients, EKTOS, and us.


Farvervej 35
8800 Viborg, Denmark

Contact: Jesper Holst
Email: jho@ektos.net
Phone: +45 4089 9988
Company Website