UniBo Motorsport Creates Cutting-Edge User Interface for their Top-Level Motorbike with STM32 Graphics

UniBo Motorsport Creates Cutting-Edge User Interface for their Top-Level Motorbike with STM32 Graphics

UniBo Motorsport, a team of amazing and innovative students from the University of Bologna, utilized TouchGFX to the max in the development of their motorcycle dashboard.

The UniBo team created a real racing motorbike prototype. It received top rankings for design and functionality at the global Motostudent competition held in Aragon last October. The UniBo team used TouchGFX to achieve sharp graphics and fast performance for their user-friendly dashboard.

In their development of the User Interface, the team included the newest concepts within user interfaces for their industry. The UI had two important roles:

• Display a clear view of the motorcycle parameters
• Display a clear “racing view” of all the parameters the driver needs

The Benefits of the STM32 Graphics Solution

TouchGFX was an obvious pick for the team, as it offered easy creation of user-friendly UIs with great graphics and performance.

Easy to Get Started

One of the advantages of TouchGFX was how easy it was to get started with development.

Designer with Unibo

The TouchGFX Designer and its full support for available ST Display kits allowed the team to test fully functional UI prototypes in record time. As a result, they got the best possible design and functionality for their UI.

A Complete Graphical Library

Another appealing feature for the team was the TouchGFX graphical library. The library provided all the necessary tools and modules they needed to realize the UI’s functionality. It also also offered widgets, such as buffers and scrolling windows. As a result, there was no need for building these functions from scratch.

STM32 Graphics: Out-of-the-Box Development with STM32F469

The STM32F469 microcontroller was an excellent choice for the team’s display solution. STM32 and TouchGFX offered an out-of-the-box solution. As TouchGFX takes full advantage of the graphical features of STM32 microcontrollers, they ended up with a cutting-edge prototype application with perfect UI performance.

Device with MC

TouchGFX was an obvious choice for us, as the tool enabled us to quickly create the best possible functionality and high-end design for our user interface display. Its design received great reviews internally and during several presentations of the motorbike. On behalf of the entire team I would like to thank Giorgia Falbo, Kevin Selvaggi and Francesco Legimi for the impressive effort they put in the development of such dashboard.

Stefano Patassa, Project Supervisor, UniBo Motorsport

The motorbike development was done in time for Motostudent’s final competition event. During the run of 5 days, UniBo Motorsport presented their motorbike to a panel of judges and placed themselves on the podium at their debut. They won the acceleration and gymkhana tests and achieved good scores in the design, innovation and industrialization stages.

We congratulate the UniBo Motorsport team with their great achievements.

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