Somfy Nina

Somfy Nina

Intuitive and Natural Touch Control

Product Name: Nina Remote Control

Functionality: Remote for shutters, blinds, and more.

Hardware: STM32F405

Display: B/W 108 x 300 capacitive touch

Somfy is a French based world leading company specializing in automatic control of openings and closures for real estate.
For over forty years, the company has transformed people’s living environments with automatic controls, by designing and developing solutions that offer comfort, security and energy savings.

We assisted Somfy in their development of a remote control for roller shutters, blinds, and more.

Somfy’s development team was looking for a software framework that enabled them to make an intuitive remote with great graphics on the same type of low-resource hardware used in earlier projects.

TouchGFX Evaluation and Workshop

Impressed by a TouchGFX based remote control, Somfy wanted to learn what TouchGFX could offer their product.

After an evaluation and a workshop with TouchGFX team member, Martin, Somfy found TouchGFX to be the right tool for their new GUI development.

By using the free and fully functional evaluation version in our training and testing, we discovered TouchGFX’ reactive, fast and powerful capabilities. Together with a large functionality range, we became convinced about TouchGFX being the right tool for our development.

Philippe Partakelidis, Software Group Manager, Somfy.

Essential to Somfy was the user interface’s capability of running on low resource hardware without compromising functionality and high-end design.

Aside from the TouchGFX GUI applications, the microcontroller needed to run the complete backend controls of the remote.
In collaboration with our development team, we made sure that the large GUI application could run smoothly on a remote control with essential constraints on power consumption and microcontroller resources in terms of computing power, RAM and Flash.

We also integrated TouchGFX with Somfy’s existing software, created new application features, and much more.

We’ve found very professional and efficient people from Draupner Graphics during the developpment of our product in relation to solving support issues and for outsourcing development tasks.

Phillipe Partakelidis, Software Group Manager, Somfy.

We wish Somfy all the best and look forward to future collaborations.