Sodastream MIX

Sodastream MIX

Sparkling Graphics on Sodastream Mix

  • Product Name: SodaStream MIX.
  • Hardware: ARM Cortex M.
  • Display: 4,3”. Touch

Israeli company, Ziv-Av Engineering is one of the largest product development companies in Israel. It is a provider of product development services in mechanical, electronics and software engineering as well as production and turnkey solutions.

In the development of a home carbonation machine for SodaStream, the company brought in Embedded Partners for implementing the product’s user interface.

SodaStream’s product, the SodaStream MIX, is an innovative and easy to use machine that carbonates ready drinks other than water.
For this machine, SodaStream’s UX/UI design team had specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled. They designed an intuitive and user-friendly touch control, which would support the overall exclusive design of the machine.

Embedded Partners is an experienced TouchGFX Implementer. Ziv-Av brought them in to assist on the UI development of the SodaStream MIX. After having worked and experienced TouchGFX’ capabilities of creating high-end graphics on cost effective hardware, the team chose TouchGFX for development.

The TouchGFX development environment with its simulator is an embedded programmer “dream” since we could develop and debug the GUI with all of its complexities in a very fast and familiar environment that comes “out of the box” from TouchGFX.

Eyal Goltzman, Embedded Partners.

With TouchGFX, Ziv-Av and Embedded Partners were able to implement the design for an intuitive touch panel with the look and feel of a modern smart device.

TouchGFX enabled a fast development process, and the TouchGFX PC-simulator proved to be a valuable feature in the sparring process between the development team:

The PC simulator in TouchGFX is the perfect tool to get fast and effective iterations between all parties involved in the UI development.

Eyal Shahrabani, Group Leader, Hardware, Software, Ziv-Av.

The PC simulator supported the collaboration between SodaStream development team, Ziv-Av, and Embedded Partners, as the pc simulator was able to offer exact representation of the end product’s user experience:

We experienced 100% homogeneity between what we saw on the PC simulator and on the real hardware.

Eyal Shahrabani, Group Leader, Hardware, Software, Ziv-Av.

The PC simulator also made it possible to develop the UI application separately from the hardware development, hereby making initiation of UI application development possible before hardware was available.
After only three months of development, the UI project was completed, and Ziv-Av was able to present SodaStream with a control panel that fulfilled all of their requirements.

“TouchGFX worked fabulous for us in developing this product, and we reached an end-result that we are very proud of. I now know what GUI framework to recommend and use in upcoming embedded display solutions.”

Eyal Shahrabani, Group Leader, Hardware, Software, Ziv-Av.