Otometrics Ear Testing

Otometrics Ear Testing

Control & Fast Response with TouchGFX

  • Product Name: New MADSEN Zodiac
  • Functionality: Display for ear testing solution
  • Display: 7”

Otometrics is a world-leading provider of hearing and balance instrumentation and software in over 85 countries.Otometrics provides computer-based audiological, sound rooms, and otoneurologic and vestibular instrumentation to hearing and balance care professionals worldwide.

In the development of a control panel for a new ear testing solution, the new MADSEN Zodiac, Otometrics chose TouchGFX for GUI development.

With the new MADSEN Zodiac, Otometrics wanted to bring more control, confidence and efficiency to ear testing. In order to accomplish this, the new MADSEN Zodiac required a fast responding color display that received input from physical one-function buttons.

As the instrument was going to be used by hearing care professionals worldwide, the display had to support multiple languages along with graphics that were easy to understand and navigate.

Otometrics became interested TouchGFX and started their evaluation to assess whether it would be the right fit for them:

By using the free evaluation version, we found that TouchGFX contained all the graphical capabilities needed to create a responsive display for our new MADSEN Zodiac. The TouchGFX PC-simulator was a great help, as it enabled us to quickly test TouchGFX and develop a proof-of-concept

– Peter Ilsøe, Firmware Developer, Otometrics

Convinced by a Proof-of-Concept

As TouchGFX offers easy customization, Otometrics were able to develop a GUI that matched their brand and requirements for easy use including the need for generating printout reports for the integrated printer.

GN Otometrics

It was very easy for us to add a new developer to the project team and make him effective immediately. As TouchGFX uses standard C++ language, he was able to create TouchGFX code in no time.

Thanks to TouchGFX with its use of C++, clear structure, and easy customization of look and feel, the total amount of hours realized on the GUI part is surprisingly less than budgeted.

– Peter Ilsøe, Firmware Developer, Otometrics

The new MADSEN Zodiac was released in April 2016. The technology beats that of other competitors and has received great reviews by the market.
Their next version is already under development with updates that include support for right to left languages.

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