Jeff Rowland: Daemon Amplifier

Jeff Rowland: Daemon Amplifier

A World-Class Digital Experience for a World-Class Amplifier

Product Name: Daemon

Functionality: Control unit for amplifier

Display: 7” 800×480 capacitive touch

Jeff Rowland Design Group is an esteemed American company that manufactures high-quality stereo, amplifiers, and more to audio connoisseurs around the globe. Their amplifier, Daemon, has a digital interface and Jeff Rowland chose us to design and deliver a digital experience with TouchGFX that matches their world-class brand. The goal was to create a unique and timeless interface, building a user experience that matches Jeff Rowland’s praised sound quality.

Our brand is dear to me. Finding partners that we can trust with brand-specific projects is hard. The TouchGFX team delivered to our high standards. The combination of user experience, design, hardcore embedded coding skills, and the TouchGFX framework was exactly what we needed. – Jeff Rowland, CEO at Jeff Rowland Design Group.

Jeff Rowland’s partner, Thomas Holm from the Danish company, Holm Acoustics was the project manager at Jeff Rowland’s end and he was the one to spot our TouchGFX team as a potential partner.

Blending a Digital and Sensory Experience

Jeff Rowland wanted a user-friendly touch control that creates a sophisticated digital experience in line with their sensory impact and current product lines. With a user-centric approach, the TouchGFX Innovation & Design team designed the user interface in accordance with modern user needs for an intuitive touch control.

The Danish/Ukrainian company Ektos, a TouchGFX implementer, was chosen as HW and SW implementation partners. One of Ektos’ TouchGFX supported hardware platforms was used as a basis for the final Daemon UI design. Ektos implemented the final interface using our design specifications.

Daemon is a great example of what you can achieve when using TouchGFX. TouchGFX delivers optimal performance, allowing us to implement a smooth user interface that matches all client and user requests. There is no need for a complex operating system, and no need for a dedicated control-module, as the UI platform had sufficient resources to run all the controls in parallel with the sophisticated UI. – Jesper Holst, Ektos.

The Daemon presents Hi-Fi enthusiasts and stereophiles with astounding engineering that aligns perfectly with Jeff Rowland’s look and legendary sound.

Five Most Significant Product Introductions

The Absolute Sound noticed the Jeff Rowland Damon amongst the most significant products introduced at the Munich High end show. Here is some of what they had to say:

… The trend toward no-compromise integrated amps has surely reached its zenith with the Daemon from Jeff Rowland. The user interface is a 7″ x 5″ touchscreen that appears to be extremely well thought out. The coolest touch is a solid aluminum volume wheel mounted in bearings that give it the feel of a bank vault’s tumblers.

Extreme Integrated Amps from Jeff Rowland Design Group

Soundstage Global adored the Jeff Rowland Damon amongst recognizing is as a non-compromise solution to simplifying top-level multi component audio systems:

… Not to be outdone, Jeff Rowland Design Group released its Daemon integrated amplifier, and — incredibly — it’s an even more intimidating proposition. The front panel has a large, beautiful 7″ by 5″ touchscreen interface…

We wish Jeff Rowland the best of luck with their astonishing amplifier.

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