Flyer E-Bikes

Flyer E-Bikes

FIT with TouchGFX

Product name: Flyer D1 Function: Operating Display Hardware: STM32F446 Display: 3.5”
FLYER is a world leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer.

With the groundbreaking range of e-bikes under its wings, the company is a pioneer within today’s e-bike market.

In the development of one of their latest bikes, they used TouchGFX to develop their high-end display, D1.

Flyer Innovates a New Technology

In 2015, FLYER began developing their revolutionizing technology, FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT).

With this technology, they wanted to provide their customers with precise communication to ensure maximum performance at all times.


A User-Friendly GUI Display

As part of FIT, they wanted a user-friendly embedded GUI display.

Bike And Enlarged Display

While instant response time was crucial, graphic quality and design were equally important, as they wanted a display that reflected FLYER’s own core value of never compromizing its quality standards.

The framework also needed to integrate effortlessly with their existing IDE, ST Workbench.

With these requirements specified, the development team started searching for software frameworks that would enable just that on FLYER D1 Display.

In their search, they found TouchGFX and started to evaluation and benchmarking.

We tested TouchGFX by creating a proof-of-concept. The framework convinced us more and more the farther we went. We were especially impressed but its great functionality, such as sliding, transitions, and instant response. We found its UI performance to be outstanding!

– Janis ITA, System Development Engineer, FLYER

A Fast Start with Free Resources

During evaluation and development, the development team visited the TouchGFX Help Center. The free articles and tutorials supported the team throughout their development.

The TouchGFX Help Center was a tremendous help for us in our prototype and final productions. The free resources was really all we needed to get going with TouchGFX. While other frameworks demanded more know-how, TouchGFX allowed us to succeed with creating our innovative display solution, fast and easy.

– Janis Ita, System Development Engineer, FLYER

More to Come

The D1 is part of the 2017 bike selection and has received great reviews. Due to its success, the company will continue to develop innovative solutions with TouchGFX.