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Eris Audio

Exclusive Graphics for a Cutting-Edge Audio Interface

Eris Audio is specialized in the design and development of professional audio equipments. Their innovative team creates reliable and durable solutions with the highest quality on the market.

For their audio interface, Eris One, the company used TouchGFX to create a user-friendly display with sharp graphics and fast performance.

Eris One is an audio over ethernet interface. It provides the user with a high performance, low latency and uncompressed digital audio networking.

In the development phase, Eris Audio’s team searched for a graphic UI tool that enabled creation of a user-friendly UI with easy navigation.

Through testing, TouchGFX, convinced the team that this was the right tool for their Eris One. About TouchGFX, Eris Audio says:

Based on our proof-of-concept on our evaluation board and the example applications, TouchGFX convinced us. It brought forth great results, and fast. Moreover, as the tool enabled creation of a real-time application that runs with a low memory footprint, we found TouchGFX a perfect fit for our design!

TouchGFX for Easy Application Development

In the beginning of their development, the team used a variety of examples available in TouchGFX. They functioned as a great starting point for the development, as the examples handled events with buttons. It also displayed how fast a selection of objects moved on-screen.

TouchGFX is great for developing both simple and advanced applications. It eases the process of designing the UI and also allows you to focus on the (core) logic of the application and less on the details of UI handling.

Easy Creation of User-Friendly Displays with the STM32 Graphic Solution

Eris One needed a user-friendly and intuitive display with easy navigation and fast response. Luckily, our STM32 graphic solution enabled fast and precise performance and a high-end look and feel.

The TouchGFX engine includes an advanced algorithm and customized invalidation techniques that consequently minimize the number of drawn pixels. By utilizing the graphical features in the STM32 chip, Eris Audio quickly created an embedded interface with high-end graphics and powerful performance.

The Eris One prototype has already received great reviews from professional users and distributors and will be market-ready in 2019.

We wish the team all the best with finalizing their great audio interface and look forward to the final result.