Eldes Control Pad

Eldes Control Pad

Secure Control for Households with TouchGFX

  • Product name: EWKB5
  • Function: Control pad for home security systems
  • Display: 4.3” 480 x 272 TFT Capacitive Touch

Eldes is a respected global manufacturer of home security and automation solutions. With an innovative and user-centric approach, the company creates revolutionizing products that set new standards for home security systems worldwide.

In 2015, Eldes began development of the first touch based wireless and battery driven control pad on the market.

TouchGFX for Functionality and Flexibility

In their search for a software tool that matched perfectly with their hardware, they found TouchGFX. The product requirements for this product was a completely wireless touch pad that runs on low resource hardware with a long battery life without compromising functionality and high-end design. For this, TouchGFX was a perfect fit.

It was vital for us that we found a software framework that above all enabled us to create a UI that was very responsive to touch gestures. It was equally important that our application’s design was customizable to fit our brand.

– Karolis Milieška, Eldes Alarms

After multiple tests, Eldes was convinced that TouchGFX was the right match for their development.

TouchGFX met all of our requirements, such as UI management and modification at runtime as well as API flexibility, easy management of complex patterns on multiple screens, and much more. Moreover, the functionality coupled with its flexibility made it very easy for us to build and run custom design applications.

– Karolis Milieška, Eldes Alarms

Eldes Control pad 2

In a review of the EWKB5, CEO of SUNROS, Konstantin Sukhanov, says:

Eldes is a promising security equipment brand with skilled professionals, who create quality goods from scratch and are able to meet the customer’s needs.

We are proud to be part of Eldes’ product line and wish them all the best with future product releases.

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