E-Ink: A User-Friendly Weather Station

E-Ink: A User-Friendly Weather Station

Product name: Helios Function: Operating Display Hardware: STM32F412xG Display: 4.3”
 Sdataway is a Swiss engineering firm, specialized in tailor-made electronic and software solutions, and a certified TouchGFX Implementer.

From their headquarter in Châtel-Saint-Denis in the western part of Switzerland, they support customers in studies, hardware and software development, mechatronic prototypes, and industrialization.

TouchGFX is a perfect match for their many projects, where an unbeatable UI performance often is the key to unlock the business potential of the product.

E-Ink Gives Users a Better Digital Experience

Sdataway wanted to create a prototype project to display the opportunities that an E-Ink and TouchGFX solution can give. A weather station seemed to be the perfect platform.

Home weather stations usually work with predefined LCD panel. The user interface is often operated through a couple of mechanical buttons.
These devices can suffer from a poor screen quality and consequently a poor user experience. Replacing the LDC panel with an E-Ink screen improves the user experience in many ways. Done right, it gives the users a better viewing angle, better screen quality, and the possibility of touch-based operation, to name a few.

Sdataway’s E-Ink weather station measures temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Each icon on the main screen directs users to sub-menus with relevant information.

What Can We Achieve with a TouchGFX and E-Ink Combination?

Sdataway discovered TouchGFX back in 2016 and have already completed several projects with TouchGFX. They have since then explored the framework with great enthusiasm and aimed ambitiously at becoming a certified TouchGFX Implementor. E-Ink is a new way to utilize TouchGFX’s capabilities that Sdataway see big potential in.

Weather stations are most of the time with low quality displays or require to be continuously powered. We wanted to offer a new solution with high contrast and sharp display, a long battery life, yet at a reasonable cost. The UI has to be simple, intuitive, rich, and responsive.

– Samer Abdo, Director, SDATAWAY

Curiosity lead the way as Sdataway initiated their weather station project, and with the intuitive framework and good support system of TouchGFX, they quickly had a prototype up and running.

Graphical E-ink display and TouchGFX framework was our way to achieve our target. TouchGFX SDK and toolchain demonstrated high performance, ease of use, and great adaptability to control our particular display. It also enable us to implement rapidly and to demonstrate UI changes along the development phase.

– Salim Sunier, System development engineer, SDATAWAY

The E-Ink weather station is now ready to meet the users, and we are bringing it to our stand at Embedded World in Nürnberg at the end of February. See you there?

Learn More about Our Implementer Program

In order for our clients to utilize our framework most efficiently and, hereby, reduce the level of development risks, we have attained International TouchGFX implementing partners, who provide our clients with local development service fast and efficiently.

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